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[Monrovia] Shanghai Gourmet 竹軒

Shanghai Gourmet
魚香肉絲 Shredded Pork w/ Fish Sauce | $6.25

I had lunch with family in Shanghai Gourmet.
We’ve been to this restaurant a few times before and always enjoy the food.
They have a great lunch special menu.
Shredded pork w/ fish sauce was good with rice.
Like most Shanghai dishes, it is a little sweeter.

跟一般上海菜一樣,是比較偏甜一點。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Blazin Hotpot & Boba Tea

Blazin Hotpot & Boba Tea

I was in the mood for hot pot, and found Blazin Hotpot on Yelp.
We are not too familiar with Anaheim area.
And we had to pass by some really sketchy parts of the city to get to the restaurant.

我想吃小火鍋,在Yelp上面找到Blazin Hotpot這家餐廳,
對安那罕地區不是很熟,我們開車經過一段蠻可怕的地方才到餐廳。 (more…)

[Buena Park] Han Yang Restaurant 한양 설렁탕 漢陽

Han Yang Restaurant

We had a lot of unpacking and cleaning to do at the new house.
So our routine schedule is a little bit off right now.
It was getting late we haven’t had dinner.
We decided to head out to get some hot soup for a late dinner.

既然都這麼晚了決定來喝個湯。 (more…)

[Buena Park] Paik’s Noodle

Paik's Noodle
jajangmyeon 짜장면 炸醬麵 | $5.99
Noodles with black bean sauce

Ever since we moved to Fullerton, we’ve been in Korean food heaven.
There are so many Korean restaurants in the area for us to explore.
And I gotta have one of my all time favorite Korean food – jajangmyeon!

那我們當然要來吃一吃我最愛的韓國料理 – 炸醬麵! (more…)

[Fullerton] California Tofu Grill

California Tofu Grill

OMG Look at that deliciousness!


California Tofu Grill

California Tofu Grill is located in a huge American shopping center.
They serve authentic Korean soon tofu, grilled BBQ meats, noodle and rice.

California Tofu Grill位在一個很龐大的外國人商場中,
他們除了有賣韓國豆腐煲和烤肉,也有賣道地的麵飯跟一些韓國餐點。 (more…)

[Fullerton] Izakaya Takasei 多華誠

Izakaya Takasei

For our six year anniversary, Dr. P suggested a romantic French dinner.
But I was more in the mood for something Asian, something Japanese, something izakaya.

但是我更想吃亞洲菜… 日本菜… 居酒屋菜啊! (more…)

[Tustin] Habuya Okinawan Dining

Habuya Okinawan Dining

Habuya Okinawan Dining is one of our favorite restaurants.
Not only it is the only place to get authentic Okinawan food in OC/LA area,
the service is always friendly and attentive.
We love chatting with the owner and hear her stories from Okinawa.

服務也總是很友善,我們最喜歡跟老闆娘聊天,聽他說說沖繩的故事。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Mas’ Islamic Restaurant 馬家清真館

Mas' Islamic Restaurant

Our new home was still filled with boxes, and we couldn’t cook for a while.
But it gets tiring to have to go out to eat every meal.
We want some leftover, and Chinese food is the best option.

所以想要吃頓有剩菜可以隔天吃的,那中國菜就是最佳選擇囉! (more…)