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[Brea] Tempo Urban Kitchen

Tempo Urban Kitchen

We bought a lunch for 2 voucher on Travelzoo for Tempo Urban Kitchen.
For $45, lunch comes with 2 cocktails, 1 appetizer, and 2 entrees.
We read a lot of good reviews about this restaurant, and was very excited to try.

我們在Travelzoo上買了Tempo Urban Kitchen的兩人特價午餐,
之前讀過很多這家餐廳很棒的食評,很期待可以來試試新餐廳。 (more…)

[Fullerton] Bon Juk Restaurant 본죽

Bon Juk Restaurant

More “what to eat when you have a cold” post.
Anything hot and soupy is soothing for my throat.
So we headed to a Korean porridge restaurant for dinner.

這天晚上我們去吃了韓國粥。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Myung Dong Kyoja

Myung Dong Kyoja

I got a cold. ?
What to eat when you have a cold?
Chicken noodle soup of course.
And we are having it Korean style.

當然是喝雞湯,公園先生帶我來吃韓國的雞湯麵。 (more…)

[Westminster] Com Ga Nam An Chicken Rice

Com Ga Nam An Chicken Rice

I was in the area to take care of some real estate business.
It was around lunch time, and I remember I had Com Ga Nam An Chicken Rice on my to-try list.

想起來一直想來試試Com Ga Nam An這家的海南雞飯。 (more…)

[Garden Grove] The Wharf

The Wharf

Dr. P wanted to have spicy Cajun crawfish, and we found The Wharf on Yelp.
It is located in the Old Town part of Garden Grove.

公園先生想要吃辣小龍蝦,我們在Yelp上找到The Wharf這家餐廳,
位在園林市的老街那裡。 (more…)

[Fullerton] Egg Cracker Restaurant

Egg Cracker Restaurant

We visited Egg Cracker last Saturday for brunch.
Since that visit, we went back one more time for breakfast and also tried their dinner.
Yup, when we like a place, we just keep on going back. 🙂

上個星期六第一次到Egg Cracker吃早午餐,
我們每次喜歡一家餐廳,就會一直去一直去,哈~ (more…)

[City of Industry] Jurassic Restaurant 侏羅紀

Jurassic Restaurant

We love Taiwanese beer house style food.
We used to go to Uncle Yu’s Indian Theme Restaurant in San Gabriel.
Let’s go try Jurassic Restaurant in City of Industry.

這天來試試工業市的侏羅紀啤酒屋。 (more…)

[Rowland Heights] Mokkoji

Summer Special | $11.99
10 Pc Toro (Beef Belly), 1 Rice, 1 Vegetable Bowl

I am so much closer to my LA friends now, and we can meet up for lunch!
Friends wanted to have lunch at Mokkoji.
I’ve been to Mokkoji in Irvine, and liked their beef belly a lot.
Heard the Rowland Heights just opened recently.

聽說羅蘭崗的分店是最近新開幕的。 (more…)