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[Fullerton] Mirak 미락 흑염소


Mirak is a Korean restaurant that specialized in black goat stew.
Supposedly this stew is especially beneficial to women.
Being a nursing mom, I am willing to try anything to increase my milk flow.
So here we go trying the famous black goat stew – Heugyeomso.

所以我們就來嚐嚐韓國羊肉湯的味道。 (more…)

[La Habra] Love Letter Pizza & Chicken

Love Letter Pizza & Chicken

Korean fried chicken seems to be “the thing” in Orange County.
So many Korean fried chicken restaurant popped up lately.
We decided to try the old school KFC place, Love Letter.

我們來試試老字號的Love Letter。 (more…)

[Fullerton] Tomato Cafe And Grill

Tomato Cafe And Grill

I found Tomato Cafe and Grill on Yelp, and was very interested to try.
From what I read on Yelp, it was a Korean Italian fusion restaurant.
Their pasta dishes all seem pretty good.

我在Yelp上找到這家Tomato Cafe and Grill,蠻想試試看,
這是家韓國式的義大利餐廳,他們的義大利麵看起來都很好吃的樣子。 (more…)

[Brea] K3grill Korean BBQ

K3grill Korean BBQ

We were in the mood for all you can eat Korean BBQ.
We went to Mr. BBQ in Fullerton thinking it was a weekday and there shouldn’t be a wait.
Wrong! We were hungry and didn’t want to spend an hour just waiting.
So we decided to try K3grill Korean BBQ in Brea.

本來先去了富樂頓的Mr. BBQ,想說是平常週間的午餐,
所以轉移陣地來試試布雷亞的這家K3grill韓國烤肉。 (more…)

[Rowland Heights] Jang Ga Nae 장가네 張家店

Jang Ga Nae

I met with college friends for lunch.
Our friend Linda picked the spot and Jang Ga Nae.
She said she watched a Korean drama “Let’s Eat”,
and the main characters had Gam Ja Tang so she wanted it, too.
Her Korean husband found this restaurant, and it was one of the best Gam Ja Tang she’s had.

這天和大學同學吃午餐,Linda同學選了Jang Ga Nae這家餐廳,
Linda的韓國老公就找到這家餐廳,他們吃過以後覺得這家非常好吃。 (more…)

[Fullerton] Samgeoli Korean Restaurant 家飯 삼거리집

Samgeoli Korean Restaurant

Samgeoli Korean Restaurant is about 5 minutes drive from our house.
We got take out from them a few times already.
We usually get their beef rib soup and dumpling soup.
Both are hearty Korean soup dishes that tastes like a Korean grandma made it.
Last weekend we dined in at the restaurant for the first time.

上個週末我們第一次去餐廳內用餐。 (more…)

[Fullerton] King’s Catering

King’s Catering

We took my car to an auto shop for service, and noticed there’s a small Korean catering shop in the auto plaza.
Inside the shop, there are variety of Korean food for take out.
There are side dishes, pancakes, noodles, chicken wings, and Korean sushi (kimbap).
We decided to try some kimbap, and grabbed tuna and ham.

我們拿了兩盒韓國壽司來試試看,一盒火腿,一盒鮪魚。 (more…)

[Fullerton] Bon Juk Restaurant 본죽

Bon Juk Restaurant

More “what to eat when you have a cold” post.
Anything hot and soupy is soothing for my throat.
So we headed to a Korean porridge restaurant for dinner.

這天晚上我們去吃了韓國粥。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Myung Dong Kyoja

Myung Dong Kyoja

I got a cold. ?
What to eat when you have a cold?
Chicken noodle soup of course.
And we are having it Korean style.

當然是喝雞湯,公園先生帶我來吃韓國的雞湯麵。 (more…)