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[Tustin] Habuya Okinawan Dining

Habuya Okinawan Dining

Habuya Okinawan Dining is one of our favorite restaurants.
Not only it is the only place to get authentic Okinawan food in OC/LA area,
the service is always friendly and attentive.
We love chatting with the owner and hear her stories from Okinawa.

服務也總是很友善,我們最喜歡跟老闆娘聊天,聽他說說沖繩的故事。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Mas’ Islamic Restaurant 馬家清真館

Mas' Islamic Restaurant

Our new home was still filled with boxes, and we couldn’t cook for a while.
But it gets tiring to have to go out to eat every meal.
We want some leftover, and Chinese food is the best option.

所以想要吃頓有剩菜可以隔天吃的,那中國菜就是最佳選擇囉! (more…)

[Buena Park] Yoko 요코


We moved to Fullerton last Sunday.
After a busy morning, we went out in our new area for an late lunch/early dinner.

經過忙碌的一個早上,在新家附近找了家餐廳吃很晚的午餐/很早的晚餐。 (more…)

[Aliso Viejo] The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House

We woke up early today, and the reward is breakfast at Original Pancake House!
Every time we attempted to go, the line was out the door.
Luckily on this early weekday morning, there was no line.

今天起了個大早,好處就是可以來Original Pancake House吃早餐,
很幸運的今天是上班日而且我們真的來很早,所以人潮還沒開始聚集。 (more…)

[Laguna Hills] Wok & Dumpling

Wok & Dumpling
鮮肉小籠湯包 Juicy Pork XiaoLongBao

We used to go to Wok & Dumpling all the time.
Not only it’s close to our house, also they have really good xiao long bao and dan dan noodle.
Then a few months back I read on Yelp that the restaurant has a new owner,
and food doesn’t taste good anymore.
We haven’t been back for a long time.
Recently I read on Yelp that they got the old xiao long bao chef back.
So we decided to give it a try again.
Yes, xiao long bao is still very juicy and very good, just like the old time.

以前我們一天到晚去Wok & Dumpling報到,
果然小籠包還是跟以前一樣,多汁又好吃。 (more…)

[Los Angeles] 조선갈비 Chosun Galbee

Chosun Galbee
Banchan – potato salad, kimchi, Korean pancake, and cucumber

We were going to take my mother-in-law out for dinner.
But she wasn’t feeling well by the time we got to her house.
She suggested us to go to Chosun Galbee, and we could bring some food home for her.
I’ve been to Chosun Galbee very long time ago when I was still living in LA.
I remember the restaurant was pretty good, but pricey.

他提議我和公園先生兩人去吃Chosun Galbee的韓國烤肉,
很久以前還住在LA的時候去過Chosun Galbee,
印象中蠻好吃的但是有點小貴。 (more…)

[Costa Mesa] Seabirds Kitchen

Seabirds Kitchen

This was my second time to Seabirds Kitchen.
The first time I came with my sister to try this vegan restaurant.
Seabirds used to be a vegan food truck.
Eventually they opened a physical restaurant at The Lab.
I was so impressed with the food the first time.
I had to take Dr. P back to try this place.

這是我第二次來Seabirds Kitchen,
後來在The Lab開了一家實體餐廳,
一定要帶公園先生回來試試看。 (more…)

[Tustin] Izakaya Honda-Ya

Izakaya Honda-Ya

Dr. P was in the mood for Japanese.
He gave me 3 options to pick from, and I chose my favorite Honda-Ya.
What a great izakaya feast!

吃了頓大滿足的居酒屋大餐! (more…)