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[Buena Park] Tampopo Ramen & Roll

Tampopo Ramen & Roll

Dr. P was in the mood for ramen, and we didn’t want to drive too far.
We passed by Tampopo before and was curious about this ramen restaurant.
They weren’t too busy on Friday night. We were seated immediately.

星期五的晚上餐廳大概半滿,我們馬上入座。 (more…)

[Buena Park] Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Portillo’s Hot Dogs

I wanted chili… chili cheese dogs… chili cheese fries… chili cheese anything.
A quick search online, and we headed to Portillo’s Hot Dogs.
It was late Saturday night, and this place was packed.

趕快上網找一找家裡附近哪裡有,接著就往Portillo’s Hot Dogs出發,
星期六晚上已經蠻晚了,大約快10點鐘吧,餐廳還是滿滿都是人。 (more…)

[Buena Park] Han Yang Restaurant 한양 설렁탕 漢陽

Han Yang Restaurant

We had a lot of unpacking and cleaning to do at the new house.
So our routine schedule is a little bit off right now.
It was getting late we haven’t had dinner.
We decided to head out to get some hot soup for a late dinner.

既然都這麼晚了決定來喝個湯。 (more…)

[Buena Park] Paik’s Noodle

Paik's Noodle
jajangmyeon 짜장면 炸醬麵 | $5.99
Noodles with black bean sauce

Ever since we moved to Fullerton, we’ve been in Korean food heaven.
There are so many Korean restaurants in the area for us to explore.
And I gotta have one of my all time favorite Korean food – jajangmyeon!

那我們當然要來吃一吃我最愛的韓國料理 – 炸醬麵! (more…)

[Buena Park] Yoko 요코


We moved to Fullerton last Sunday.
After a busy morning, we went out in our new area for an late lunch/early dinner.

經過忙碌的一個早上,在新家附近找了家餐廳吃很晚的午餐/很早的晚餐。 (more…)