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[Brea] Macallans Public House

Macallans Public House

Girl’s night out on a Saturday. They picked Macallans Public House to be the spot.
Dr. P has been wanting to try this Irish pub because he loves whiskey.
I can’t drink, but I can try the food first.
This place wasn’t too crowded for a Saturday night.
There was live music, which made it a bit hard for us to chat.

星期六晚上閨蜜的聚會,朋友選了Macallans Public House為地點,
有樂團表演,所以我們聊天還蠻困難的,都要講話很大聲才聽得見。 (more…)

[Brea] 海底撈 Haidilao Fusion Shabu

Haidilao Fusion Shabu

Haidilao is a new shabu place that opened in Brea Mall.
They have another location in Arcadia Mall, and that’s a regular hot pot place, not shabu.
Haidilao is famous in China for their VIP service.
This was our second visit to the Brea shabu location.
We were really impressed the first time and came back again after two weeks.

海底撈小火鍋是Brea Mall裡新開的餐廳,
Arcadia Mall裡有另一間海底撈,那間是賣一般的火鍋,不是小火鍋,
第一次來的時候超滿意,所以很快兩星期後就再來一次。 (more…)

[Brea] K3grill Korean BBQ

K3grill Korean BBQ

We were in the mood for all you can eat Korean BBQ.
We went to Mr. BBQ in Fullerton thinking it was a weekday and there shouldn’t be a wait.
Wrong! We were hungry and didn’t want to spend an hour just waiting.
So we decided to try K3grill Korean BBQ in Brea.

本來先去了富樂頓的Mr. BBQ,想說是平常週間的午餐,
所以轉移陣地來試試布雷亞的這家K3grill韓國烤肉。 (more…)

[Brea] Tempo Urban Kitchen

Tempo Urban Kitchen

We bought a lunch for 2 voucher on Travelzoo for Tempo Urban Kitchen.
For $45, lunch comes with 2 cocktails, 1 appetizer, and 2 entrees.
We read a lot of good reviews about this restaurant, and was very excited to try.

我們在Travelzoo上買了Tempo Urban Kitchen的兩人特價午餐,
之前讀過很多這家餐廳很棒的食評,很期待可以來試試新餐廳。 (more…)