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[Brea] K3grill Korean BBQ

K3grill Korean BBQ

We were in the mood for all you can eat Korean BBQ.
We went to Mr. BBQ in Fullerton thinking it was a weekday and there shouldn’t be a wait.
Wrong! We were hungry and didn’t want to spend an hour just waiting.
So we decided to try K3grill Korean BBQ in Brea.

本來先去了富樂頓的Mr. BBQ,想說是平常週間的午餐,
所以轉移陣地來試試布雷亞的這家K3grill韓國烤肉。 (more…)

[Artesia] Kariya Shabu Shabu & BBQ 可利亞

Kariya Shabu Shabu & BBQ

When I was kid in Taiwan, my parents used to take us to those shabu and BBQ kind of restaurant.
They all have similar names… Kariya, Coriya, Cariya, Karaya and that sort.

而且每一家的名字好像都差不多,可利亞,可加利,都是什麼可什麼亞的。 (more…)

[Laguna Hills] Mint Restaurant

Mint Restaurant

After my doctor’s appointment, I was in the mood for Indian food.
I found Mint Restaurant on Yelp with high reviews, and decided to give this place a try.
The restaurant is small with not much decor.

手機拿出來Yelp上找了一下,找到附近這家評價很高的Mint Restaurant,
那就來試試看吧!餐廳很小,也沒有什麼佈置。 (more…)

[Irvine] All That Barbecue

All That BBQ
Salad & Banchan

We love Korean BBQ, and can never get enough of it.
Our favorite all-you-can-eat KBBQ restaurant in Irvine area is All That Barbecue.

爾灣地區我們最愛的吃到飽韓國烤肉就是All That BBQ了。 (more…)