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[Anaheim] You & I Thai Cuisine

You & I Thai Cuisine

When life gets busy with baby and work, we love using UberEATS to get food delivered.
Today we tried Thai food from You & I Thai Cusine in Anaheim.
We usually order more food so we’d have enough for at least 2 meals.

這樣至少可以吃兩餐。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Myung Dong Kyoja

Myung Dong Kyoja

I got a cold. ?
What to eat when you have a cold?
Chicken noodle soup of course.
And we are having it Korean style.

當然是喝雞湯,公園先生帶我來吃韓國的雞湯麵。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Blazin Hotpot & Boba Tea

Blazin Hotpot & Boba Tea

I was in the mood for hot pot, and found Blazin Hotpot on Yelp.
We are not too familiar with Anaheim area.
And we had to pass by some really sketchy parts of the city to get to the restaurant.

我想吃小火鍋,在Yelp上面找到Blazin Hotpot這家餐廳,
對安那罕地區不是很熟,我們開車經過一段蠻可怕的地方才到餐廳。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Mas’ Islamic Restaurant 馬家清真館

Mas' Islamic Restaurant

Our new home was still filled with boxes, and we couldn’t cook for a while.
But it gets tiring to have to go out to eat every meal.
We want some leftover, and Chinese food is the best option.

所以想要吃頓有剩菜可以隔天吃的,那中國菜就是最佳選擇囉! (more…)

[Anaheim] Urbana


Urbana is a contemporary Mexican restaurant located inside Anaheim Packing House.
It’s not a big place. Reservation is highly recommended.

Urbana是間比較創新式的墨西哥餐廳,位在Anaheim Packing House裡頭,
餐廳空間不大,建議最好先訂位。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Catal Restaurant

Catal Restaurant

Dr. P has never been to Downtown Disney.
I wanted to have a date night there so we can walk around and have some Disney fun!
There are quite a few dining choices in Downtown Disney.
We decided to try Catal Restaurant because the rave reviews on their paella.

我們選了Catal Restaurant因為他們的西班牙燉飯網路評價很高。 (more…)