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Tustin – Tommy’s Sushi – Restaurant Review

Tommy's Sushi

Tommy’s sushi has hand’s down the best poke bowl in Orange County!
We tried poki bowls from many many place, and still like Tommy’s the most.
We haven’t been to Tommy’s for about 3 months.
Now they have a brand new menu.
Poki bowl is still there, but they got rid of all the dinner combos.
Now they have the standard 2 or 3 items dinner combo, as well as omakase sushi.

Tommy’s Sushi的夏威夷生魚沙拉蓋飯是橙縣最好吃的,
還增加了omakase主廚挑選的壽司。 (more…)

[Irvine] 101 Noodle Express 魯味居

101 Noodle Express 魯味居

We were craving for Chinese dumplings and noodles.
It was Sunday afternoon, and every Chinese restaurants in Irvine was packed.
Luckily we only had to waited for about 20 minutes and got a table at 101 Noodle Express.

還好我們沒有等太久,20分鐘就有位子了。 (more…)

[Lake Forest] Simply Pho

Simply Pho

A new Vietnamese restaurant recently opened near our house.
We decided to give it a try, and was very happy with the visit.

決定來試試看,一試之後馬上愛上。 (more…)

[Irvine] All That Barbecue

All That BBQ
Salad & Banchan

We love Korean BBQ, and can never get enough of it.
Our favorite all-you-can-eat KBBQ restaurant in Irvine area is All That Barbecue.

爾灣地區我們最愛的吃到飽韓國烤肉就是All That BBQ了。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Urbana


Urbana is a contemporary Mexican restaurant located inside Anaheim Packing House.
It’s not a big place. Reservation is highly recommended.

Urbana是間比較創新式的墨西哥餐廳,位在Anaheim Packing House裡頭,
餐廳空間不大,建議最好先訂位。 (more…)

[Irvine] Izakaya Wasa

Izakaya Wasa

We have passed Izakaya Wasa probably 100 times in Irvine Spectrum.
For some reason, we’ve never tried the place.
We finally stepped in for the first.
And we were quite happy with our dinner experience.

我們可能在Irvine Spectrum經過Izakaya Wasa一百次了吧,
這頓晚餐吃得很滿意喔! (more…)

[Anaheim] Catal Restaurant

Catal Restaurant

Dr. P has never been to Downtown Disney.
I wanted to have a date night there so we can walk around and have some Disney fun!
There are quite a few dining choices in Downtown Disney.
We decided to try Catal Restaurant because the rave reviews on their paella.

我們選了Catal Restaurant因為他們的西班牙燉飯網路評價很高。 (more…)

[Hacienda Heights] Spicy Home 那家川菜

Spicy Home

Whenever we get a chance to go up to San Gabriel Valley,
Dr. P always want to get spicy Chinese food, a.k.a. Szechuan food.
We almost always order the same dishes, too.
But flavors are always different in every restaurant.

而且我們幾乎不管到哪家餐廳都只會點一模一樣的菜 (真是老古板),
不過還真的每家餐廳的味道都不太一樣。 (more…)

[Costa Mesa] Pizzeria Ortica

Pizzeria Ortica - Bar Area
Pizzeria Ortica – Bar Area

Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa is has happy hour nightly after 7pm, which is pretty awesome because we can get drinks and food for dinner at a happy price at this modern Italian restaurant.

Pizzeria Ortica每天晚上七點以後有快樂時光,一些酒和食物都比較便宜,一般快樂時光都比較早,這家時間剛好可以來吃晚餐,真不錯。 (more…)