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[Newport Beach] TLT Food

TLT Food

I attended a Yelp tasting event at TLT Food in their newest location in Newport Beach.
I’ve been to their Irvine Spectrum location, and love their unique spin on tacos.

參加了Yelp在TLT Food新開的新港分店辦的試吃活動,
之前去過他們爾灣的分店,很喜歡他們自己創新的塔可口味。 (more…)

[Buena Park] Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Portillo’s Hot Dogs

I wanted chili… chili cheese dogs… chili cheese fries… chili cheese anything.
A quick search online, and we headed to Portillo’s Hot Dogs.
It was late Saturday night, and this place was packed.

趕快上網找一找家裡附近哪裡有,接著就往Portillo’s Hot Dogs出發,
星期六晚上已經蠻晚了,大約快10點鐘吧,餐廳還是滿滿都是人。 (more…)

[Fullerton] Tandoori Express

Tandoori Express
Chicken Tandoori | $10.99

It was Halloween night, and we had to stay home to pass out candy to kids.
So we ordered delivery from Tandoori Express.
We waited for a very very very long time for delivery… almost 1.5 hour.
Chicken Tandoori was tasty. Very tender meat with lots of flavor.

印度烤雞很好吃,很嫩也很夠味。 (more…)

[Fullerton] Rutabegorz


My sister came to visit.
Since she’s vegetarian, we tried to find a vegetarian-friendly restaurant for dinner.
Rutabegorz has rave reviews on Yelp.
We had high hope, but left very disappointed.

這家餐廳在Yelp上評價很高分,所以我們滿懷希望的來,但卻非常失望。 (more…)

[Fullerton] El Camino Real

El Camino Real

I had a serious craving for nachos.
Not just a simple nachos, but nachos with tons of goodies on it.
A quick search online, I found El Camino Real in Fullerton.
We called in to order for pickup.
Our food was ready in 15 minutes.

上網找了一下發現了Fullerton的El Camino Real,
我們先打了電話點菜,15分鐘食物就準備好可以領取了。 (more…)

Easy Peanut Noodles 簡易花生醬拌麵

Easy Peanut Noodles

This easy peanut noodles is my go-to whenever I want something quick and easy to eat.
I always have all ingredients on hand in my pantry.
Dried noodles, peanut butter, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and chili oil.

乾麵,花生醬,將由,香醋,麻油和辣油。 (more…)

Cook Smarts Week Of 9/5/16

Cook Smarts Week Of 9/5/16

This week was Italian week.
We cooked 4 Italian dishes from Cook Smarts for dinner.
The stuffed pesto chicken was definitely the winner!

我們煮了Cook Smarts的四道晚餐,
最愛的是青醬起司雞肉! (more…)

[Hacienda Heights] Northern Cafe 頤豐園

Northern Cafe

We met up with our friends Sean and Annie for lunch.
We asked them to pick a place since they are more familiar with the area.
They picked Northern Cafe because they’ve been there before and like the food.

他們選了頤豐園,說之前去過覺得蠻好吃的。 (more…)

[Pasadena] White Horse Lounge

White Horse Lounge

Sorry for the blurry picture. I wasn’t drunk… just too excited to see all my friends. Lol!
We came to White Horse Lounge in Pasadena to celebrate Anne’s birthday.
Love the beautiful bar area. It’s got that classic American bar vibe.

不好意思照片照糊了,沒有喝醉… 完全是太興奮見到好朋友們,哈哈!
我們來帕沙迪那的White Horse Lounge慶祝好友的生日,
一進門就看到很美的吧台區,有種很經典美式酒吧的feel。 (more…)

Cook Smarts Week of 8/29/16

Cook Smarts Week of 8/29/16

I am a loyal fan of Cook Smarts!
It’s a meal planning service that provides with 4 delicious meals a week.
It comes with recipes, shopping list, and prep guide.
We’ve been using Cook Smarts for over a year,
and absolutely love both the convenience and the easy delicious recipes.
Let’s see what I cooked last week.

我是Cook Smarts的頭號粉絲!
我們用Cook Smarts一年多了,
來看看上週我做的晚餐。 (more…)