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Five Things Friday – 5.13.2016

It’s Friday the 13th. Boo~
Five things I am digging this week –
本週我想跟大家分享的五件事物 –

1. How to make handmade candy with panda design

This is so amazing to see how this cute panda candy was made.
How did they figure out how to put everything together to make the design?

實在是太厲害,到底是怎樣可以想出來這樣組合搓揉拉扯就可以做出這麼可愛的糖果? (more…)

Five Things Friday – 5.6.2016

Five things I am digging this week –
本週我想跟大家分享的五件事物 –

1. Baauer – Temple ft M.I.A. & G-Dragon

I heard this song on Spotify while driving, and love the song.
Had no idea who sings the song.
Later when I look up the song, I realized G-Dragon was the male rapper in the song!
The song is produced by Baauer, who is famous for Harlem Shake 3 years ago.
I read an article that Alexander Wang used the song for his runway show during Fashion Week.

他最有名的歌應該就是三年前的Harlem Shake (不知道的朋友可以上YouTube找一下),
今年初紐約時尚週的時候Alexander Wang就是用這首歌來給模特兒走秀的。 (more…)