Gyutan Tsukasa USA

I went on the wrong freeway this morning and ended up in Costa Mesa.
On my way back to the 405, I passed by Mitsuwa Marketplace.
I haven’t been to their food court for quite some time, and really miss the grilled beef tongue at Gyutan Tsukasa.
I guess it’s meant to be!

今天早上開車不小心上錯了高速公路,結果開到Costa Mesa,
好久沒有到這家超市的美食街了,還蠻想念Gyutan Tsukasa這家的烤牛舌,

Gyutan Tsukasa USA

Food court just opened at 11 am, and it was already filled with people.


Gyutan Tsukasa USA

After ordering the to-go bento, I watched the chef making my grilled beef tongue through the window.


Gyutan Tsukasa USA

There’s an article from OC Weekly praising the food at Gyutan Tsukasa.

窗戶上貼著一篇OC Weekly寫的報導,說這家餐廳是牛舌之王。

Gyutan Tsukasa USA

I got two grilled beef tongue bento. It’s Dr. P’s first time trying this place.


Gyutan Tsukasa USA
Gyutan Bento Box – 8 Pcs | $12.20

Very simple bento box. There are 8 pieces of grilled beef tongue, pickled vegetables,
seasoned green onion (to eat with beef tongue), and rice.


Gyutan Tsukasa USA

Simple, and absolutely delicious. The beef tongue was grilled perfectly.
It was thick and tender, and just lightly seasoned with salt.
Dr. P was very impressed. He said this is the best beef tongue he’s ever had.


The only thing I didn’t like about this place is that it’s cash only.
Glad I had some cash on me today.


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