Month: May 2017

[Brea] 海底撈 Haidilao Fusion Shabu

Haidilao Fusion Shabu

Haidilao is a new shabu place that opened in Brea Mall.
They have another location in Arcadia Mall, and that’s a regular hot pot place, not shabu.
Haidilao is famous in China for their VIP service.
This was our second visit to the Brea shabu location.
We were really impressed the first time and came back again after two weeks.

海底撈小火鍋是Brea Mall裡新開的餐廳,
Arcadia Mall裡有另一間海底撈,那間是賣一般的火鍋,不是小火鍋,
第一次來的時候超滿意,所以很快兩星期後就再來一次。 (more…)

[Los Alamitos] Kampai Sushi House

Kampai Sushi House

Baby JJ is taking swimming lesson in Los Alamitos.
After class, we wanted to find a place for lunch.
We don’t really know the city well so we asked Yelp.
We decided on Kampai Sushi House because of the great reviews.

小珍珠在Los Alamitos上游泳課,
然後就找到這家評價不錯的日本料理。 (more…)

[Anaheim] You & I Thai Cuisine

You & I Thai Cuisine

When life gets busy with baby and work, we love using UberEATS to get food delivered.
Today we tried Thai food from You & I Thai Cusine in Anaheim.
We usually order more food so we’d have enough for at least 2 meals.

這樣至少可以吃兩餐。 (more…)