Love Letter Pizza & Chicken

Korean fried chicken seems to be “the thing” in Orange County.
So many Korean fried chicken restaurant popped up lately.
We decided to try the old school KFC place, Love Letter.

我們來試試老字號的Love Letter。

Love Letter Pizza & Chicken

Love Letter Pizza & Chicken

The restaurant feels like a hip lounge inside.
It’s spacious and comfy.
Service was attentive and friendly.

餐廳裡面的佈置蠻新穎的,很有可以喝小酒的lounge feel,

Love Letter Pizza & Chicken
Goose Island IPA | $5

Dr. P ordered a beer to go with our food.
The complimentary salad was good. We like the thousand island dressing.


Love Letter Pizza & Chicken
Kimchi Pizza | $13

Kimchi pizza was very good. The thin crust had just the right amount of crunch.
The kimchi flavor was not that strong in the pizza.
It just added a little bit of acidity and spiciness to the cheesy pizza. Love it.


Love Letter Pizza & Chicken
Combo Fried Chicken | $15

Korean fried chicken is so delicious. It’s much better than American fried chicken in my opinion.
We love the sweet and spicy sauce. It’s truly finger licking good.


Love Letter Pizza & Chicken
Ice Cream

Free ice cream after the meal.


Love the fried chicken and pizza at Love Letter.
Definitely will be back soon!


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