Thinking of Selling? Don’t Overlook an Outdated Kitchen, Buyers Won’t

If you are planning on listing your home for sale, make sure that you don’t overlook the condition of your kitchen. A recent article on listed “7 Signs Your Kitchen Is Way Overdue for a Renovation,” in which they warned:

如果您正計劃要出售房屋,請確保注重您廚房的狀況。 最近一篇realtor.com的文章列出了“7個您的廚房需要重新裝修的標誌“,文章中警告:

“Dated kitchens—just like bathrooms—are a major barrier for resale. Buyers want modern amenities and styling, and most aren’t interested in renovating post-purchase.”

“老舊的廚房 – 就像浴室 – 是賣屋的主要障礙。買家想要現代化的設施和造型,大多數人對購屋後裝修不感興趣。”

Kitchen remodels can be pricey, with many complete remodels costing $20,000 or more. But not every kitchen needs a full remodel. There are many smaller projects that will help buyers see themselves trying their favorite Pinterest recipe in your home!

廚房裝修可能是昂貴的,整個廚房裝修可能需要$ 20,000或更多。但不是每個廚房都需要全部整修,只要更改小地方,將幫助買家看到自己在您的廚房中嘗試他們最喜歡的食譜!

Here are a couple of project ideas that, if you’re handy or know someone who is, could end up boosting your home’s value without breaking the bank:


  • Are the cabinets in good shape but need an update? A new coat of paint and some updated hardware will instantly freshen up the space and drastically change the feel of the room all for under $300.
  • A new backsplash to match the freshly painted cabinets updates the space and adds some style while staying under $200, depending on the size of the room.
  • If the kitchen seems dark, consider adding LED under cabinet lighting for around $40.
  • If replacing the countertops in the kitchen isn’t within your budget, consider using a top coat to cover the current countertops.

If you decide to complete a full remodel of your outdated kitchen, you can expect a 67% return on a $30,000 upgrade (the national median cost). The benefits of a kitchen remodel aren’t purely financial, according to Houselogic:


“Eighty-two percent of homeowners said their updated kitchen gave them a greater desire to be at home, and 95% were happy or satisfied with the result.”


Bottom Line

Kitchens and bathrooms are often make or break for buyers when touring a home or searching through photo galleries online. Let’s get together to identify which small projects could pay off big!


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