Month: October 2016

Taking the Fear out of the Mortgage Process 不要害怕房貸程序

Taking the Fear out of the Mortgage Process

A considerable number of potential buyers shy away from jumping into the real estate market due to their uncertainty about the buying process. A specific cause for concern tends to be mortgage qualification.


For many, the mortgage process can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be!

In order to qualify in today’s market, you’ll need to have saved for a down payment (the average down payment on all loans was 11% last month, with many buyers putting down 3% or less), a stable income and good credit history.

要在今日的市場條件中符合貸款的條件包括,您需要有足夠的頭期款(上個月所有貸款的平均頭期款為11%,許多買家只付了3%或更低的頭期款),穩定的收入和良好的信用歷史。 (more…)

Buying a Home Can Be Scary… Know the Facts [INFOGRAPHIC] 買房子很可怕嗎?知道事實就不用怕 [圖表]

Buying a Home Can Be Scary... Know the Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights:

  • 36% of Americans think they need a 20% down payment to buy a home.
  • 44% of Millennials who purchased a home this year have put down less than 10%.
  • 71.8% of loan applications were approved last month.
  • The average credit score of approved loans was 731 in September.

Percentage of Homeownership by Decade and by State 歷史與每州的房屋擁有率

Percentage of Homeownership by Decade and by State

There has been a lot of talk about the falling homeownership rate in the United States. In December 2004, the homeownership rate reached an all-time high of 69.4%, while the current rate is 62.9%. When comparing these two figures, there is some room for concern regarding the difference.


However, today we want to shine some light on the issue by:

  1. Showing what historic homeownership rates have looked like over the last 130 years.
  2. Breaking down the current percentages by state.


What to Expect When Home Inspecting 房屋檢驗時

What to Expect When Home Inspecting

So you made an offer, it was accepted, and now your next task is to have the home inspected prior to closing. More often than not, your agent may have made your offer contingent on a clean home inspection.


This contingency allows you to renegotiate the price paid for the home, ask the sellers to cover repairs, or even, in some cases, walk away. Your agent can advise you on the best course of action once the report is filed.


How to Choose an Inspector


Buying is Now 37.7% Cheaper Than Renting in the US 現在在美國購屋比租屋便宜了37.7%

Buying is Now 37.7% Cheaper Than Renting in the US

The results of the latest Rent vs. Buy Report from Trulia show that homeownership remains cheaper than renting with a traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage in the 100 largest metro areas in the United States.


The updated numbers actually show that the range is an average of 17.4% less expensive in Honolulu (HI), all the way up to 53.2% less expensive in Miami & West Palm Beach (FL), and 37.7% nationwide!


Other interesting findings in the report include:


Sales of Distressed Properties Hit New Low 困厄房地產的銷售額達到新低

Sales of Distressed Properties Hit New Low

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released their latest Existing Home Sales Report revealing that distressed property sales accounted for 4% of sales in September. This is down from 7% in 2015, and is the lowest figure since NAR began tracking distressed sales in October 2008.


Below is a graph that shows just how far the market has come since January 2012 when distressed sales accounted for 35% of all sales.

下圖顯示了自2012年1月困厄銷售高達35%以來市場的走向。 (more…)

7 Graphs That Show the Real Estate Market Is Back! [INFOGRAPHIC] 七個顯示房地產市場回來了的圖表

7 Graphs That Show the Real Estate Market Is Back! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights:

  • Distressed property sales fell to its lowest number since NAR began tracking it in 2008.
  • As you can see, with less distressed properties, sales are up in all price ranges except the $0 – $100K price range.
    正如您所看到的,剔除了不良房地產,除了$0 – $10萬價格範圍的房屋以外,其他所有價格範圍的房價均上漲。
  • Interest rates are still at historic lows, signifying that now is the right time to buy!

[Fullerton] Rutabegorz


My sister came to visit.
Since she’s vegetarian, we tried to find a vegetarian-friendly restaurant for dinner.
Rutabegorz has rave reviews on Yelp.
We had high hope, but left very disappointed.

這家餐廳在Yelp上評價很高分,所以我們滿懷希望的來,但卻非常失望。 (more…)

The ‘Great News’ About Rising Prices 房價上漲的“好消息”

The ‘Great News’ About Rising Prices

Recently there has been a lot of talk about home prices and if they are accelerating too quickly. In some areas of the country, seller supply (homes for sale) cannot keep up with the number of buyers out looking for a home, which has caused prices to rise.


The great news about rising prices, however, is that according to CoreLogic’s latest US Economic Outlook, the average American household gained over $11,000 in equity over the course of the last year, largely due to home value increases.


The map below was created from CoreLogic’s report and shows the average equity gain per mortgaged home from June 2015 to June 2016 (the latest data available).

下圖是根據CoreLogic的報告,顯示了2015年6月至2016年6月的平均抵押資產收益(最新數據)。 (more…)

Starting to Look for a Home? Know What You WANT vs. What You NEED 開始尋找房屋?您想要什麼 vs. 您需要什麼

Starting to Look for a Home? Know What You WANT vs. What You NEED

In this day and age of being able to shop for anything anywhere, it is really important to know what you’re looking for when you start your home search.


If you’ve been thinking about buying a home of your own for some time now, you’ve probably come up with a list of things that you’d LOVE to have in your new home. Many new homebuyers fantasize about the amenities that they see on television or Pinterest, and start looking at the countless homes listed for sale with rose-colored glasses.


Do you really need that farmhouse sink in the kitchen in order to be happy with your home choice? Would a two-car garage be a convenience or a necessity? Could the man cave of your dreams be a future renovation project instead of a make or break now?

您真的需要廚房大型水槽才會對這棟房屋滿意嗎?兩輛車的車庫只是方便還是必要的?是否您夢想中的男主人特有區可能是個未來可改建的項目,而不是現在就踩住煞車的條件? (more…)