All That BBQ
Salad & Banchan

We love Korean BBQ, and can never get enough of it.
Our favorite all-you-can-eat KBBQ restaurant in Irvine area is All That Barbecue.

爾灣地區我們最愛的吃到飽韓國烤肉就是All That BBQ了。

All That BBQ Menu

All That BBQ Menu

Lunch is $16.99/person, and dinner is $22.99/person.
There are quite a few choices on the menu.
We usually sticks with a few of our favorite items.


All That BBQ Don't Rib Me Off
Don’t Rib Me Off (양념갈비살/五香排骨/Seasoned Rib Meat)
Beef ribs are carefully removed as one whole piece. We roll the steak up, then grill on your table. Choose this if you love BBQ ribs because it has the juiciness of rib meat without the bones for easy enjoyment.

Our absolutely favorite item from the menu is the Don’t Rib Me Off.
We usually order 2 rounds.
Melt in your mouth beef rib meat hot off the grill is the best thing ever!


All That BBQ Skinny-Dipping Cow
Skinny-Dipping Cow (차돌배기/胸叉肉/Brisket Point)
Don’t pass up on this popular menu item! Thinly-sliced brisket that cooks super fast and pairs perfectly with All That BBQ’s unique sauce for a savory and sweet taste that’s sure to please even the pickiest taste buds!

Brisket is another item we always order.
Thin slices of beef cook really fast.
I like to eat the brisket with the rice cake wrap, thinly sliced radish,
salad and dip in the special sauce.


All That BBQ Karubi In Tokyo
Karubi In Tokyo (우뱃살/牛五花/Beef Belly)
A thinly-sliced meat that is very soft and flavorful with a unique taste!

Sometimes we feel like having something more fatty, then we’ll have beef belly.
The fattier beef is even more tender and juicy.


All That BBQ

Yum! Looking at the ribs is making me feeling hungry now.


All That BBQ Let Go My Egg Go
Let Go My Egg Go (계란찜/雞蛋羹/Steamed Egg)
Silky smooth beaten eggs. It’s the perfect savory complement to barbecued meat. It will aid you in your spicy food challenge!

About half way through our meal, we got the steamed egg for a short meat break.
Silky steamed egg is my must get item also when having Korean BBQ.
It tastes like savory pudding. So good.


All That BBQ That's All Folks / Eight Firing Arms
That’s All Folks! (간잠삼겹살/韓式醃製豬五花/Pork Belly Marinated with Soy Sauce)
Thick-cut Pork Belly, herbs, spices, and soy sauce based marinade. Enough said.
Eight Firing Arms (매운쭈꾸미/香辣章魚/Spicy Baby Octopus)
Baby octopus coated with a killer sweet and spicy marinade. Perfect on a warm bed of rice for a savory spicy treat.

There are a few choices for pork belly with different marinates.
My favorite is the one marinated with Korean style soy sauce.
Dr. P always like to get the spicy baby octopus, too.


All That BBQ Surfin Shrimp
Surfin Shrimp (새우구이/烤鮮蝦/Shrimp)
Grilled shrimp for those who want to take a break from eating meat.

Don’t forget to order a few rounds of the shrimp.
The shrimp here is always big and fresh.


All That BBQ Start Your Engine
Start Your Engine (된장찌개/泡菜湯/Soy Bean Stew)
Tofu and soybean stews are packed with essential nutrients. Rich in protein, calcium, iron minerals.

We always finish the meal with a soup.
During this visit, we ordered the soy bean stew.
It had tofu, vegetables and some meat in the soup.
It was quite salty and thick.
I think I prefer our usual tofu stew better.


Always a full and satisfying meal at All That Barbecue.
What is your favorite Korean BBQ restaurant?

每次來吃All That Barbecue都是又飽又滿足,

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