Month: May 2016

[Irvine] All That Barbecue

All That BBQ
Salad & Banchan

We love Korean BBQ, and can never get enough of it.
Our favorite all-you-can-eat KBBQ restaurant in Irvine area is All That Barbecue.

爾灣地區我們最愛的吃到飽韓國烤肉就是All That BBQ了。 (more…)

Can You Afford to Buy a House? | 你買得起房子嗎?

Roller Coaster

Your landlord keeps hiking up your rent, and you’re tired of reworking your budget to accommodate the other areas of your life — or worse, searching for a new rental. You want to invest in a home for sale, but you’re not sure if now is the right time.


There are two likely reasons for your hesitation: time and money. Deciding if you should rent or buy can be determined in part by your commitment to an area — you could have legitimate concerns about job relocation or you may wonder if the space you can afford now will be flexible enough that you won’t grow out of it just a few years down the road. And on an economic level, perhaps you’re not sure you can afford all the costs that a down payment, mortgage, and home maintenance entail.


The first step? Do some homework. Consider these questions to help you decide if the answer to “Can I afford a house?” is yes.

第一步?先做好功課,我們來看看以下幾個問題,幫助你決定”我是不是買得起房子?”的答案是否為Yes。 (more…)

The 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

The Little Book of Skin Care

How many steps does your skin routine have?
Before I got into Korean skincare, I only do 2 steps – clean and moisturize.
Then I read about the 10-step Korean skincare routine on the internet.
What? 10 steps? How much time is that going to take?
I had so many questions and didn’t know where to start.
Then I got The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho.
If you want to learn all about Korean skincare, get this book!
If you want your skin to look good, you have to treat it with care.
Let’s go over the 10-step Korean skincare routine.

在接觸韓國保養品之前,我的步驟只有兩個 – 洗臉和擦面霜,
所以我買了這本書 – The Little Book of Skin Care
我們一起來看看這十個保養步驟該怎麼做。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Urbana


Urbana is a contemporary Mexican restaurant located inside Anaheim Packing House.
It’s not a big place. Reservation is highly recommended.

Urbana是間比較創新式的墨西哥餐廳,位在Anaheim Packing House裡頭,
餐廳空間不大,建議最好先訂位。 (more…)

Five Things Friday – 5.13.2016

It’s Friday the 13th. Boo~
Five things I am digging this week –
本週我想跟大家分享的五件事物 –

1. How to make handmade candy with panda design

This is so amazing to see how this cute panda candy was made.
How did they figure out how to put everything together to make the design?

實在是太厲害,到底是怎樣可以想出來這樣組合搓揉拉扯就可以做出這麼可愛的糖果? (more…)

[Irvine] Izakaya Wasa

Izakaya Wasa

We have passed Izakaya Wasa probably 100 times in Irvine Spectrum.
For some reason, we’ve never tried the place.
We finally stepped in for the first.
And we were quite happy with our dinner experience.

我們可能在Irvine Spectrum經過Izakaya Wasa一百次了吧,
這頓晚餐吃得很滿意喔! (more…)

5 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling | 五個房子賣不掉的原因

Pacific Park, Aliso Viejo

Your home has been sitting on the market.
Nobody is coming to see the house.
You had open houses, but nobody made an offer yet.
Why is your house not selling?
And how do we solve the problems?

也做過了幾次open house,
又該如何解決這些問題呢? (more…)

Pink Seoul Plus Box Unbox & Review – April 2016

Pink Seoul Plus Box

Pink Seoul Box is a bi-monthly Korean beauty subscription box. This is not a “sampling” box. Pink Seoul sends customized full-size products according to your skin type and main area of focus.There are a few different box to choose from. I chose the Pink Seoul Plus Box ($49.95), which is designed for people over 35. For skin type, I chose normal. And for main area of focus, I chose to have fun and experiment with K-beauty. They just launched in March 2016. I ordered in early April, and received on March/April box on 4/20/2016.

Pink Seoul Box是每兩個月寄送一次的韓國美妝體驗盒,這個體驗盒不是一般那種試用品size的體驗盒,他們會根據你的膚質和想要改善的問題寄送專們為你挑選的full-size產品,體驗盒有幾種不同的選擇,我選的是Plus box ($49.95),適合35歲以上的皮膚,膚質我選的是正常,想要專注的項目我選的是體驗韓國美妝保養的樂趣。這個體驗盒是三月才開賣,我是四月初訂購,4/20號收到他們的三月/四月體驗盒。 (more…)

[Anaheim] Catal Restaurant

Catal Restaurant

Dr. P has never been to Downtown Disney.
I wanted to have a date night there so we can walk around and have some Disney fun!
There are quite a few dining choices in Downtown Disney.
We decided to try Catal Restaurant because the rave reviews on their paella.

我們選了Catal Restaurant因為他們的西班牙燉飯網路評價很高。 (more…)

Five Things Friday – 5.6.2016

Five things I am digging this week –
本週我想跟大家分享的五件事物 –

1. Baauer – Temple ft M.I.A. & G-Dragon

I heard this song on Spotify while driving, and love the song.
Had no idea who sings the song.
Later when I look up the song, I realized G-Dragon was the male rapper in the song!
The song is produced by Baauer, who is famous for Harlem Shake 3 years ago.
I read an article that Alexander Wang used the song for his runway show during Fashion Week.

他最有名的歌應該就是三年前的Harlem Shake (不知道的朋友可以上YouTube找一下),
今年初紐約時尚週的時候Alexander Wang就是用這首歌來給模特兒走秀的。 (more…)