[Cooking] 燻鮭魚炒蛋佐細香蔥奶油


買了一本America’s Test Kitchen出的食譜,叫做100 Recipes (http://amzn.to/2ldZ9KD),就跟書名一樣,裡面有100道食譜,這100道菜都是應該要會做的基礎菜,每道食譜都有詳細的解說和圖片,來教你正確的做法,為什麼要這樣做,怎麼樣可以把這道菜做到最好吃,和一些變化的做法。 Read more

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[Irvine] Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot 小肥羊

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

If you’ve been to Little Sheep for dinner, you’ll know it is on the expensive side.
It usually cost about $70 for the two of us.
For the best bang for your buck, you can get a satisfying lunch for about $11 with leftover to take home!

不但可以吃很飽,還有剩可以帶回家。 Read more

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[Cooking] Asian Kale Salad with Seared Pork Chops 香煎豬排沙拉

Asian Kale Salad with Seared Pork Chops

(Recipe from CookSmarts)

One easy way to ‘winter-fy’ salads is to add a warm protein to make them feel more comforting.
This spicy peanut dressing is delicious.

香醇又帶點辣味的花生沙拉醬搭配豬排非常好吃喔! Read more

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[Cooking] Fusilli with Roasted Tomatoes and Mushrooms 烤蕃茄蘑菇螺旋麵

Fusilli with Roasted Tomatoes and Mushrooms

(Recipe from CookSmarts)

With pasta, roasted vegetables and creamy feta sauce, this vegetarian dinner is versatile and comforting in cool weather. It makes great leftovers and can also be served as a side dish for grilled steak or chicken.

如果有剩餘,隔天可當成牛排或是雞排的配菜。 Read more

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[Rowland Heights] Spicy Moment 鍋里鍋外

Spicy Moment

We are always in the mood for spicy Szechuan food.
We decided to try a new place – Spicy Moment.
This restaurant’s specialty is Szechuan dry pot.

這天想來試試這家新餐廳 – 鍋里鍋外,
聽說他們的招牌菜是乾鍋。 Read more

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[Cooking] Slow-Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice Soup 慢鍋燉野米雞湯

Slow-Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

(Recipe from CookSmarts)

Creamy, savory and with chewy bites of wild rice, there is a satisfying balance of texture and flavor in this slow-cooker version of chicken and wild rice soup. Wild rice lends itself perfectly to the slow-cooker. The firm grains take a long time to cook, but will be chewy and tender after a few hours.

會變成跟稀飯一樣軟嫩喔! Read more

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[Cooking] Potato Leek Soup with Pancetta 韭蔥馬鈴薯濃湯

Potato Leek Soup with Pancetta

(Recipe from CookSmarts)

This wintery soup and salad combo plays with savory and sweet flavors.
A quick saute of shaved brussels sprouts brings out their natural sweetness and bright color while still retaining some crunch.

球芽甘藍炒過後帶出天然的甜味和漂亮的翠綠色,也還保有脆脆的口感。 Read more

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[Cooking] Huevos Mediterranean 地中海式烤蛋餅

Huevos Mediterranean

(Recipe from CookSmarts)

Give these speedy toasted flatbreads layers of flavor with hummus,
sauteed spinach and roasted red pepper salsa leftover from Monday.
Crack an egg right in the middle before baking these
so you get creamy, savory egg in every bite.

在烘烤時打上一顆蛋,每一口都可以吃到爆漿的蛋黃~ Read more

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